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Within our grief, we often feel so disconnected from the world around us, it's like we're on our own planet. Planet Grief feels like a heartplace no one can understand, where real life tasks and interactions-no matter how small-seem impossible.  


Those around us expect us to 'move on', to sort the clothes, sell the house, start dating.  While most mean well, every journey is unique and 'moving on' is not a switch we can simply flip and life is normal again.  Life will never be normal-that is, exactly as it was prior to the loss.


There are no timelines. Contrary to popular belief, grief does not stop at year's end.  The states of grief are states, not stages.  Stages are linear suggesting completion,while states are just that.  They come and go and do it often; just when we thought we were done with anger or tears, that state returns, often triggered by something altogether unexpected: a song on the radio or a product in the supermarket.  Understanding, compassion and patience are so essential along the way. 


I offer support via phone or face to face (if local) and can meet within your schedule. 

Individual Support on your Grief Journey

Group Support 

Grief shared is grief lessened.  I have facilitated grief support groups for nearly 15 years and watched the visible relief as one person hears 'their story' in another's words, the relief of "I'm not alone-someone else gets it." This can be amazingly comforting, just knowing someone shares, without trying to 'fix' anything.


I offer my support and expertise to facilitate groups in your funeral home, healthcare organization, educational institution,  small business, spiritual or religious organization.  I retain and respect member privacy and run groups according to specific guidelines in that regard.

Community Grief Support Group meets First and Third Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm in the Willimantic Office. These groups are free and open to the community.

Pet Loss Bereavement Support Group meets First and Third Wednesdays from 6-7:30 pm in the Willimantic Office. These groups are free and open to the community.

Grief Support Hikes in Nature are third Wednesdays at Gay City park in Hebron, CT from 10am-noon. Call to reserve a spot. 2.5 miles, easy terrain, bring water, good shoes and any snacks you enjoy. Heavy rains or snow cancels.  Call if unsure.

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